What is included in your File Assist Artwork Service?

File Assist turns any finished design into a Print Ready PDF and includes a PDF proof.

We will accept artwork files from the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign), Corel Draw or Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher and Powerpoint). We will convert your design file into a Print Ready PDF and provide up to 2 proofs to ensure you are happy with the job before it goes to print.

We will fix these errors within your file:

  • Convert your file to a print ready PDF
  • Convert RGB to CMYK
  • Convert spot colour to CMYK
  • Proportionately scale
  • Ink coverage over 340%
  • Missing bleed
  • Overprints accidentally set on colours other than black

We will warn you if your file contains any of these errors:

  • Text / objects too close to the edge
  • Low resolution images
  • Impure blacks
  • No allowance for creep within your booklet
  • Incorrect panel sizes on folded jobs
  • Issues with the form cutter guide lining up with your artwork

We will reject your file if it contains any of these errors:

  • Corrupt File
  • Password protected
  • Sizes that are disproportionate
  • Missing elements from your file
  • Missing pages from your file
  • Incorrect number of files

Prices start at £15 + VAT.

Please refer to our Artwork Service Comparison Chart to see what is included in each of our artwork services.