Professional business cards are a perfect piece of marketing

Many people may think that, in this age of digital marketing through company websites, and online corporate and social media platforms and opportunities, that marketing materials such as business cards no longer have a role to play. That would, however, be a misconception – business card printing still provides what is very much a vital marketing tool for any business, and a well-prepared sales or marketing professional wouldn’t go anywhere without them!

Here are a few reasons why your company should be investing in business card design and printing:

Business cards provide that vital first impression

In any ‘face-to-face’ business environment – meetings, business fayres, conferences and networking events – first impressions are still vital. The ‘tool’ most used in these situations to create that all-important first impression is the humble business card – a staple requirement in business etiquette.

Business card printing is still money well spent – in these business situations people judge a company, or person, by the quality of their business card! To underline their importance, if you don’t offer, or have, a business card when asked, people may automatically judge you – and your business – as ‘unprofessional’ – not the impression you want to give.

Likewise, if you have a ’cheap looking’ business card made from cheap materials, your prospective business associate or customer, will almost certainly consider that everything you produce, or offer, will be of equal poor quality. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to choose the most expensively-printed card – you should choose a material and design that most accurately reflects your business profile.

Remember, after you’ve attended a networking or business event, your business card is the one reminder your potential clients have of the discussions you’ve had with them!    

Handing your business card over is the most direct form of direct marketing

You can’t get any more direct marketing than physically handing your business card to a potential client or customer!

It’s a great way to introduce yourself to someone and automatically provides a platform for conversation and interaction. The right business card immediately conveys something of its’ marketing message and your business.

A high-end business service provider may opt to convey a premium service by choosing a thick, matte card with expensive-looking spot UV printing or laminated logo. A business in the ‘creative’ industries may choose to display a more artistic business card design, with graphics and richer colour combinations – whatever your industry sector, working with a professional print company’s design team will help you create the most effective and appropriate business card design for maximum effect.

A business card can promote your business in any environment

Whilst a business card is a really useful vehicle for business and networking events, they are effective in smaller meetings and at social venues such as restaurants – there are always opportunities to promote your business outside of formal corporate events or environments.

Business cards are light and portable, and therefore easy to have to hand at all times. A well-designed and printed business card, pulled from a smart business card case, will always give a professional impression.

They can, of course, also be enclosed with other marketing materials, so include them when sending corporate literature, or letters, to clients. As they are small and easily stored, they will almost certainly be the item of marketing your client will have kept, and will pick-up to confirm your contact details when they need them.

Investment in quality business card design and printing will provide your company with a professional marketing tool that will prove effective in many different business arenas.

KST Marketing

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