What to look for in an ad agency

Advertising and marketing are vital components for any business, regardless of size of company or the sector in which they operate. They are also, potentially, expensive financial overheads for a business so, when choosing an advertising agency to work with and represent you, great care should be taken in making the right appointment.

Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing your creative agency for your marketing:

Portfolio – Check out their previous projects

The first thing you should consider before appointing a creative agency is their previous work and projects. Have a good look at their portfolio of completed projects and campaigns, especially those for businesses similar to yours in size and sector. If they have done a good job in a similar campaign to what you are aiming for, then they may well be worth considering to appoint for your project.

Reputation – Read through customer testimonials

Research the advertising agency you are considering – ask for testimonials and referrals from previous clients similar to your business arena. An agency may show you the work they have done, and you may be impressed with it – but the finished product is no guarantee that it was to specification from that client, or that it came in on budget or time!

Speaking to the agency’s previous clients will give you a more complete picture as to the service they provide.

Price – Spend your budget effectively

Always a major consideration – you may well have a limited marketing and advertising budget, and therefore be restricted somewhat in the agency you can appoint. Be aware though, that the cheapest is not always the best option for you – by the same token, the most expensive is not always an indication that they are the best agency for what you specifically want.

Different agencies have different skill sets, so choose the most appropriate one for your needs. You will almost certainly find a reputable agency that can deliver for you what you want within a price range your business can afford. If on a definitive budget, ask about a fixed rate pricing structure as opposed to the more changeable hourly rate agencies often quote.

Versatility – Consider who can meet your requirements

Every business has its’ strengths and weaknesses – advertising agencies are no different! If you are looking for a creative agency to represent you in a specific type, or form, of advertising, then ensure the advertising agency you choose has accomplished skills and experience in that particular arena. For example, one agency may be experts in planning a media buy but, if your business requirement is specifically graphic design, then they won’t necessarily be your best option.

KST Marketing

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