Why Use Company Folder Printing For Client Meetings?

In our digital age, the corporate basics are often overlooked or deemed unnecessary. The truth is that many face to face meetings still take place and that presentation folders are required, not only for meetings, but also for the presentation of marketing materials through the post and at trade shows and events.

Look Professional

Can you envisage attending a corporate meeting with a loose sheaf of meeting papers, balancing your coffee, a client’s coffee and perhaps your laptop as well? Whilst it may be possible to do all that it certainly doesn’t look professional. Using presentation folders to safely transport documents such as briefs, tenders and information packs is a far smarter idea. Folders also allow client’s that leave meetings to easily take the documents provided away with them after the end of the meeting along with a lovely branding reminder of your company and your contact details.

Protect Documents

Company folder printing also ensures that your documents are kept safe on their way to and from the meeting. Let’s go back to that balancing act, you know the one where you had 2 cups of coffee, a laptop, and your loose meeting papers. Imagine one of your cups is over full and you spill a little coffee onto your papers – with a presentation folder a small spill is not going to be a big deal – no rushing back off to the photocopier to make sure you have everything you need. A corporate folder will also make certain that if, instead of spilling your coffee a little, you drop the papers – they are easily retrieved and the order of the meeting papers is maintained without causing you too much hassle.

Maintain Confidentiality

Whilst presentation folders are never going to be the be all and end all of your confidentiality requirements they do provide extra protection from anyone trying to sneak a look at something you are not ready to divulge. If you are attending a client meeting with notes on your company’s position you may not want to share that information with the client. Folders give you the opportunity to carry your information into the meeting but to keep it under wraps whilst still maintaining a corporate image.

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