Top things to look for when choosing a printing company

When presenting your company to existing or potential new customers or clients, you want to ensure that their first impressions are those of professionalism and quality. Your printed stationery and documentation plays an important role in establishing that image – so it is important that these printed items are of the standard that portrays a positive representation of your business and your brand.

Here are some aspects you should consider when choosing a print company to handle your business stationery:  

The quality of service and print

The very first thing you want to establish from a potential print supplier is the quality of the work they produce. Very often, your business stationery and documentation will be the first example of your company a potential client will see, and this sets an example of your brand, your products and the quality of your own business. You can perhaps check samples of the print company’s product output on their website, but ask to see physical samples of their work. That will allow you to gauge the quality of their materials used as well as the actual print quality – the paper stock, the colour consistency and the overall print result and appearance.

The amount of print products offered

Identify exactly what the print company can produce. There are a whole host of printing options available on a myriad of surfaces and materials.

Ensure your chosen company has the capabilities to produce the printed goods you will need. Most print companies will be able to provide flyers, leaflets, posters, booklets, catalogues, newsletters and such, but, if your requirements stretch to printed banners, calendars, menus and other printed paraphernalia, then be sure that the print company can accommodate these, and that they can be produced in acceptable timeframes and notice periods for your business requirements.

Proven customer service and flexibility

Communication is key to good customer service – look for an online print shop that will readily enter into discussion with you and listen to your specific requirements for your print jobs. You want to choose a print company that takes time to discuss, understand and accommodate your printing needs, and will maintain that communication throughout the whole process, informing you of progress and any potential changes that may result in a different output result or schedule.

Reliable delivery of orders

Your print jobs are important – you need to know that they will be produced and delivered on time. Check with your printing provider that they can work to whatever deadlines your business may need to meet – check if they offer guarantees or promises for their reliability.

Check for any online reviews for the print company. Social media – especially the business-based applications – are a good source for current information as to the performance and trustworthiness of your chosen online print shop, as viewed and commented on by recent customers.

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