What to consider for effective booklet design

A range of factors make up an effective booklet and with that being the case, let’s take a look at the things you need to consider for an effective booklet design.

People are drawn to images

Photos, information graphics and cartoons (amongst others) can convey so much information.  So make sure your booklet has sufficient quality images to attract the reader’s attention – and highlight what it is that you’re promoting.

Think about the effective use of colour too.  In some instances a black and white photo can be highly effective, and in others a mixture of beautiful colours is just what’s needed!

Keeping your booklet content short and compelling

Many people have short attention spans, your content has to maintain interest along with imprinting your message and offerings onto readers. In short, effective content is providing a solution to a problem.

How can your content help people save money, get more sales, perform better as a person or business? These are examples of compelling content as you are providing a solution to problems many businesses face and readers are more inclined to maintain attention and absorb information.  

Include powerful calls to action

A powerful and effective call to action is a must of any promotional booklet design. This is what converts the reader into a client! Having the call to action feature prominently within the brochure, the greater your chance of converting.

Create engaging page layouts

It’s all very well having great content and images, but do take some time to see how they fit together on the different pages.  A little effort here can go a very long way towards creating the perfect booklet. Appropriate use of headings and bullet points can break up content and direct readers to areas of relevance to them whilst making it easier for them to find that relevant information.

Think about the actual booklet size

The size of your booklet printing depends on how much you have to say, but do take some time to think about the balance between too much and too little information. 

The two key criteria here are how big you want each page to be (e.g. A4 or A5) and how many pages you want.

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