The benefits of branded folder printing

Branding is a really important part of any company’s marketing efforts. A consistent, clean brand can become instantly recognisable and boost the efforts of a company to become known for their skills and services. And it’s important that a brand is presented consistently across the business, and across every piece of marketing literature.

Branded folders are an excellent way to smartly present your business, whether that’s to a client or just to have a uniform, professional look in your offices.

Why choose branded folders?

A branded folder is much more flexible and cost effective than a printed brochure and could save a chunk of your budget. Once a brochure is printed, all the information is fixed and if anything needs changing, you need to print the whole lot again, but with presentation folders, you could print individual sheets of information and simply swap one page out if the price or selection changes.

You’ll create a great first impression, whether that’s mailing out a price list or a proposal to a potential customer, taking a sales meeting with a new prospect or handing out information at an exhibition. Every piece of information you give out will be beautifully presented, smart, clear and fully branded, in a high-quality folder, which gives the impression that yours is a quality business too.

When clients visit your offices, if all of your folders and stationery are perfectly branded and matching, you’ll give a clear impression of organisation, professionalism and care that adds to how your visitors feel about your business, as well as giving your staff a sense of pride in their surroundings.

Wherever your presentation folders go, they advertise your brand, so when you hand them out to people at exhibitions or trade shows, or simply to potential clients, you’re advertising your business and your brand, with an elegant, smart, neat folder that helps you build brand awareness and get the word out about your company.

KST Marketing

Whatever your printing or design requirements, the team at KST Marketing can help. We have the know-how to bring your brand to life and deliver a consistent marketing message across a variety of materials.

Our new website means you can order your marketing material as and when you need it – no delay, and our express production option means that your products will be with you as soon as possible.


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