Leaflet printing – a breakdown of folding styles

Many businesses use printed promotional leaflets as part of their marketing and advertising campaign strategy. They can be an effective and inexpensive marketing tool – cheap leaflets are available from many print company sources. There are a number of different things to consider when contemplating your leaflet printing design – from the layout and content, size and materials, right down to the folding style in which you want to present your information.

Here are a few leaflet folding styles to consider when deciding your leaflet printing needs:

Single folded leaflets is probably the most common

This is probably the most common choice of folded leaflet design. Simple and easy to use, the leaflet just folds across and opens like a book – this format allows for several pages to be incorporated into the leaflet, so is particularly useful if you are trying to convey chronological, or systematic, information in your document.

This style is ideal for leaflets like recipes, menus and lists of instructions or similar.

Letter folded leaflets provides 3 rectangular sections

This leaflet fold style is exactly as described in its name – it is presented in a letter form, such as you would receive in an envelope. The leaflet is divided into three rectangular sections incorporating two folds.

This fold format makes these leaflets ideal for presenting visual content – items such as graphics and maps. Although the leaflet folds up neatly into a relatively small document, when opened out fully it can reveal a more substantial picture, illustration or table of information. It can be used to present different ‘compartments’ of information on the different fold-defined sections, or a single message across the entire leaflet. This is a common fold style with which people are both familiar and comfortable.

Concertina folded leaflets has more layers

This fold style will usually have, again, two folds – although it can have as many as you desire. It is similar-sized to the letter fold leaflet and is opened in the same manner – the concertina fold, though, has more layers and the consumer has to open the leaflet fully to access the information.

This fold format makes these leaflets a great option for displaying more fully, visual content – both sides can be used for alternate images, as both sides are equally accessible to the consumer.

Gatefold leaflets provide more impact

This is another alternative, as it is accessed slightly differently from other leaflet design folds. The leaflet is so-named because it is opened as if you were to open a gate – the fold leads the recipient to access the information by pulling apart the front of the leaflet to reveal the contents inside. This more creative design fold has more of an impact, as it engages with the recipient who, by way of opening the leaflet, is revealing the hidden contents.

Whichever fold style you favour, promotional leaflets can be a great option for marketing your business’ product or service.   

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