Our top tips to create a stunning letterhead design

In business, first impressions count! So, when designing stationery for your business to send out to its customers/clients, it is important that it makes the right statement and gives the best impression. A letterhead can be the first line of brand engagement for your company, so you want it to be both eye-catching and engaging.

Here are some things to consider when designing your letterhead printing:

Your letterhead design should be professional and efficient

The basic principle in conveying information of any kind – keep it simple! The letterhead is a representation of the business that is issuing it – it’s not the actual message! Your letterhead design should look great – professional and efficient, but it shouldn’t, in any way, deflect attention from the actual content of the letter it heads.

Choose the best design tools for the job

There are a number of software options that can be used to produce your letterhead design – Photoshop, Illustrator and many others. Depending on what you have available to you, choose the best tool for the job based on the design brief and taking into account how the letterhead printing is to be executed.

Choose the right detail to include

Choosing the right detail to include on the company letterhead is very important. Any information displayed should be of direct relevance – you’re not storytelling or offering a history of the business in your letterhead – keep it to company branding, relevant contact names and information. There may be a legal requirement for specific information to be included – registration numbers for Companies House, or other accreditation bodies and such – but only include what is either mandatory or strictly necessary.    

Establish a clear hierarchy and positioning

Having identified what detail is be included on the letterhead design, the hierarchy of this information should be established. The most important details should be displayed most prominently by both position and size, with the less important details, perhaps, displayed in a smaller size and in a less obtrusive position.

Ensure your company branding is represented

The most important characteristic of your company letterhead is the business brand. Ensure that the company brand is fully represented – this means taking into account, not just the company name and logo, but any colours, fonts and images that are associated with the company brand and image. Any company letterhead should be in keeping with branding used on their other marketing materials and stationery. 

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